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Around The World - $159.00
1) Rock Paper Scissors to see who goes first
2) Place the queue ball on the first colored dot on the left side of the table
3) Shoot the ball into the color coded pocket (Green goes in any pocket)
4) If the ball is made move on to the next spot. If you miss the ball you have a choice a) stop and stay where you are to continue your next turn or b) take another shot. However if you miss you must start all the way back at the begining.
5) The first person to go from one side of the table to the other has gone "Around The World" and is the winner.To make the game harder you can call bank shots only. Have fun and enjoy your garZon Cover.

pool table coversCraps - $159.00
Regular dice rules apply.

21 - $159.00
Regular rules apply.

coversPooling - $159.00
1) This game is for 2-3 individuals or 2-3 teams of three players.
2) Player (team) one gets balls 1-3 Player (team) two gets balls 4-6 and Player (team) three gets balls 7-9.
3) Team one goes first. Place the 1 ball behind the kitchen line and shoot it tiring to make the ball stop on the center of the target for the most points.
4) Team two follows with the 4 ball and may knock the other players balls of the target if a ball ends up in the gray area of the playing table it is removed from the table. If a ball is pocketed it also remains off the table.
5) At the end of the round score the balls that remain on the table and keep track of the points. Repeat 1-5 till the first team to reach 500 wins.
Twisted pooling same rules but the ball must hit 2 cushions and if you make the ball in the kitchen end corner of the table all points are negated for that round. Enjoy and have fun.

pool coverNickel Dime Quarter - $159.00.
1) Each player must have a nickel, dime & quarter. This is a betting game and you can play with as many people as you want.
2) Ladies first then decide on an order
3) The first player puts down the queue ball on the table any place that he or she wishes.
4) Then the same player places the ball to pocketed on the table wherever he or she wishes.
5) Call your shot and sink the ball.
6) If the ball is made the way it was called then everyone else must make the same exact shot.
7) The players who miss the shot must give up their nickels to the pot.
8) If the first player misses the called shot then the next person in line calls their own shot and the process continues.
9) The players who miss then put in their dimes. The player that has money left at the end wins the pot and the game starts over.
To make the game harder you can call bank shots only or cushion before ball only. Enjoy and have fun with your garZon Cover

"What a terrific product. It looks better than we thought it would look and we use our pool table much more now."
S. Santoro, Ga.

No more worries about ripped tops.

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"Whoever thought that my wife would get so excited about a pool table cover as her birthday present. She loves it and tells all her friends about it."
H. Drysdale, Ca.

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